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These are some of the brands Riverside Media has facilitatated advertising campaigns for in international markets, either working with the client directly or through their respective advertisng and media buying agencies.

Media Planning 




Consumer & Business Media


Eliminate cross-border marketing headaches.

Riverside Media is your single source for media planning and placement solutions across international markets.


We provide marketers with efficient access to leading media brands and integrated media solutions. We help source the best media opportunities for you to evaluate options, drive efficiencies and easily plan and execute strategies across any market, media type or geography.


All around the world.

Strategy, Consultation, Engagement




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Riverside Media was established in 1973. International media opportunities were a world away. Airmail carried daily correspondence, the rolodex was our database and index cards housed media data. Major communication channels could be counted on a single hand and agencies wielded creative power.




Are your media strategies planned and placed from North America? From single ad placements to full-fledged integrated campaigns, we can help your brand achieve your marketing goals in an efficient manor. Find out how today!

Media Owners


Experienced and cost effective sales support is just a phone call away. As a leading media representative in North America, we can provide you with a presence and work collaboratively with your sales teams to drive revenues.



Single point of contact for integrated media solutions, reliable data, consultation, strategy, engagement, negotiations and execution. Fast RFP turnaround. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

The evolution of marketing, technological advances and the rapid proliferation of communication channels have changed how we communicate and how we do business. These modern day advances aimed to simplify have brought on new challenges and complexities. What we think might just be a click away, may actually benefit from human touch. Strategies proven to work in the U.S. may not hold true in emerging markets and developing economies. 

Who knows for sure what the future may hold, but at the end of the day, all messages must reach and be processed by human beings to be effective. This is the one universal truth. We can help you find and connect with your audience in an efficient, relevant and meaningful way. 



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  • Transport Media

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Access to Leading International Media



International Media Planning Solutions

The Hindu
Business Today
Gulf News
Daily Nation
India Today

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